The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons

the mindfulness colouring book

Mindfulness for Colouring

What a title! The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people. As a busy person (I’m a website developer during the day!) this book appealed to me straight away.

I also happened to come across it within a week or so of meeting with the lovely Sandra English who very kindly wrote a guest blog post about Colouring for Mindfulness and explains why so many of us have turned to colouring in to help us relax and de-stress.

I’ve got to admit that I love the size of this book. Basically it’s A5 and therefore fits rather nicely in my handbag!

best colouring books for stress

It’s a great mix of quite literally doodles as well as pictures such as foxes, butterflies and fish, all beautifully drawn and very imaginative.

Take a Look Inside The Mindfulness Colouring Book

It struck me almost straight away that many of the ‘doodles’ in The Mindfulness Colouring Book look like those I’ve produced myself while on the phone or watching telly. This one particularly jumped out at me as being very familiar!

best colouring books for adults

The swirls and intricate patterns really do encourage you to mindfully colour in as you relax and wind down after a busy day. And, you don’t necessarily need loads of colouring pencils either. This book could be completed with just three or four colours and still look wonderful.

best colouring books for adults

A Truly Mindful Book

Emma has created a truly mindful colouring book here. Honestly, I thought that books such as Steve McDonald’s Fantastic Cities was as relaxing as it could get but this really is on another level! The sophistication and the doodle like outlines encourage  the user to almost float away and for only £3.85 you’d be crazy not to!

Happy Colouring!



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