Graphiti – by Carrie Dennison and Rachel Cochrane

creative books for adultsToday I’m reviewing Graphiti: Creative Moments for You by Carrie Dennison and Rachel Cochrane

As a website developer the invitation to take a digital detox and find my inner creative certainly sounded appealing so in I went to see if this book really does do what it says on the tin; namely to discover my inner child and take some creative down time. Several of the activities invite the reader to meditate or close their eyes and take themselves to a place in which they can relax and be mindful.

graphiti activity book for adults

The first thing that struck me about Graphiti is that it’s not a colouring book but rather an activity book that encourages the reader to create rather than colour in. Saying that, there’s nothing to stop you from colouring your creations in after the fact!

What I love most about Graphiti is that there are no rules, just guidelines that gently steer you in any direction you wish to go. Whether you want to build the sandcastle of your dreams, create an oppulent hat or just doodle there really is something for you. You don’t even need to stay within the lines!

best colouring books for adultsThis book isn’t all about drawing so if you’re not a natural there’s no need to worry. There’s ample opportunity to be creative with words. Let’s take the ‘Elevator Pitch’ for example. The authors invite you to imagine you’re in a lift and draw OR describe what you will find on each floor as you get out of the lift (there are three floors). You can even make up characters and why they get out of the lift on particular floors. Can you see where this is going? The beginnings of a novel I think!

Do you have a favourite meal? Who would you invite to share your meal and what will you talk about? Graphiti allows the reader’s (or should I say creator’s?) mind to wander and whether you want to draw a plate of sushi or sausages and chips you can! Oh, and do you know what a Snafflelump is? You will!

Graphiti reminds me of books that I had in my childhood. On opening it I was immediately struck with a feeling of nostalgia, of being encouraged to use my imagination and of a childhood (I was born in the seventies) without social media and digital interference.

This book would make a wonderful gift and I can bet that you will know someone who would benefit from owning a copy. It’s the perfect size for popping in your handbag too and because you don’t need to carry a full set of colouring pencils it would also make the perfect meeting companion with all those carefree doodling pages!

At only £6.99, Graphiti will keep you busy (in a nice way!) for hours encouraging you to take some well deserved time out from daily life and stresses. If you’re not drawn in I’ll eat my hat. Or maybe I’ll draw it…

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review


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