10 Best Stained Glass Coloring Books for Adults

It was while on holiday in Canada a few years back that I was introduced to stained glass coloring books for adults. It was Stained Glass Window Designs of Frank Lloyd Wright - my favourite architect. What a find! Needless to say, I was well and truly hooked and for that reason this wonderful book is number 1 on my list! Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Colouring Book And … [Read more...]

Graphiti – by Carrie Dennison and Rachel Cochrane

creative books for adults

Today I'm reviewing Graphiti: Creative Moments for You by Carrie Dennison and Rachel Cochrane As a website developer the invitation to take a digital detox and find my inner creative certainly sounded appealing so in I went to see if this book really does do what it says on the tin; namely to discover my inner child and take some creative down time. Several of the activities … [Read more...]

The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons

the mindfulness colouring book

Mindfulness for Colouring What a title! The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people. As a busy person (I'm a website developer during the day!) this book appealed to me straight away. I also happened to come across it within a week or so of meeting with the lovely Sandra English who very kindly wrote a guest blog post about Colouring for … [Read more...]

Why Is Adult Colouring So Popular?

why adult coloring is so popular

Why is adult colouring so popular? Here's your answer! This post has been written by the wonderful Sandra English of Mirror Image Coaching Ltd based in Newcastle upon Tyne. After posting about this website in The Inspire Network, Sandra got in touch asking if I knew why adult colouring is so popular and why we find it so relaxing. I have to be honest and say that before I … [Read more...]